Joe Jonas A Drug Addict? Rumored To Be Using Heroin!


Jonas Brothers drama

The Jonas Brothers recently axed their comeback world tour, which left fans wondering about the reasons behind the cancellation.

Sources reveal that Joe Jonas has picked up a nasty drug habit. Joe has reportedly become addicted to heroin after dating addict Blanda Eggenshwiler.

An insider reveals Joe has previously used heroin but is now fully addicted to the same drug that took the life of “Glee” star Cory Monteith in July.

Joe Jonas finished off their international tour before his drug use came to light. He drank and did heroin with his girlfriend Blanda during the tour, which worried crew members.

Joe’s family are fully aware of his escalating heroin and alcohol abuse, but are worried what that could mean for their clean-cut image.

A source said Joe Jonas admits he has a problem and just wanted to postpone the tour so he could receive treatment. But his family members said he was being selfish by putting their livelihoods at stake. They reportedly wanted him to pray about it and continue on with the tour.

Many of us are shocked to hear rumors of Joe’s drug habit, but it appears to be true.

The Jonas Brother was spotted with addiction specialist Mike Bayer, the CEO of Cast Recovery Services, who previously worked with Demi Lovato through her issues.

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