“Entourage” Is Back: Movie Is A Go


Entourage movie is on!

The financial demands of the cast of “Entourage” were said to have put the movie adaptation of the film in jeopardy, but the creator just confirmed that the movie is a go!

Creator Doug Ellin tweeted a photo of himself with the cast, writing, “It’s a go. love you all”. We’re certain “Entourage” fans will be thrilled!

Ellin posted the picture of himself with the main cast including Adrian, Kevin Connolly (Eric ‘E’ Murphy, Jeremy Piven (Ari Gold), Kevin Dillon (Johnny ‘Drama’ Chase) and Jerry Ferrara (Turtle).

Entourage movie coming

The guys from the cast took to their social media accounts to share the exciting news about the movie, which will reportedly being filming in January.

Piven tweeted, “Now it’s time to go to WORK! the #EntourageMovie is on and I look forward to getting into it my friends. Thanks for your patience…”

Adrian posted a picture of Vince’s driving license to Instagram with the caption, “Break out the license cause we’re full speed ahead. #entouragemovieGO.”

Ferrera wrote, “I am proud to announce the #Entourage movie is officially a GO! Have to thank @wbpictures and @HBO for all the support to make this happen! On behalf of the 4 guys I wanna also thank the #entourage fans for the patience. The BOYS are BACK. it always works out”

Millions of fans were upset when the popular show came to an end in 2011.

The final episode of the eighth season of the show saw main character Vince head to Paris to marry his girlfriend and Eric reconcile with his pregnant girlfriend Sloan (Emmanuelle Chriqui).

Ari Gold quit his job to work on his marriage with his estranged wife and Johnny Drama and Turtle headed to Paris to attend Vince’s wedding.

Producer Mark Wahlberg previously said they needed to do a film. He explained, “We always felt like it was a movie, but we had to just make these 30-minute episodes. That was one of the frustrating things. It always felt like we left the audience wanting more, which is a good thing in doing television. I think its story and its characters were a world people really missed and really enjoyed.”

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