Eeeek! Creepiest Celebrities Of 2013!


These are the creepiest celebs?

Halloween is a little over a week away and it’s time to get scared and creeped out!

We’re going to take a look at the Hollywood stars deemed the “Creepiest Celebrities of 2013”. See if you agree with the findings of this poll!

E-Poll, a consumer research service surveyed 1,100 people to come up with the creepiest stars this year. The awesome Marilyn Manson tops the poll but Mama June and Miley Cyrus were also in the top 13!

1. Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, is a very intelligent guy and a member of Mensa. His make-up and costumes are meant to be shocking, but we certainly wouldn’t name him as the creepiest celebrity by any means.

Here is a very well-spoken Marilyn chatting with Bill O’Reilly:

2. Paul Reubens

Paul Reubens aka Pee Wee Herman

Paul Reubens, who most of us know as Pee Wee, was considered the second creepiest celebrity. But why? He was hilarious! Of course, he was arrested in July 1991 for choking his chicken in an adult theater.

Pee Wee bravely took the stage at the MTV MTV Video Music Awards that year, cracking jokes at his own expense.

3. Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman crazy outfits

We’ll admit it’s a bit creepy that Dennis Rodman is rubbing elbows with his “friend”, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but his flamboyant outfits and behavior are nothing new. The former pro basketball star is reportedly broke and an alcoholic.

4. Howard Stern

Howard Stern as AGT judge

Howard Stern is a strange looking guy, but creepy? Maybe it’s just because he’s more open about being a perv than most men!

5. Andy Dick

Andy Dick a creep

We have to agree with Andy Dick being on the creepy list. Comedian Andy Dick is known for getting wasted and sexually assaulting people or exposing himself in public. No one wants to see that!

6. Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen pictures

Charlie Sheen loves women half his age (normally porn stars) and seems a little mentally unstable, but is he creepy?

7. “Mama June” Shannon

Mama June from  Honey Boo Boo

Who the heck thinks Mama June is creepy? She’s hilarious and very “smexy”.

The whole family is a bit disgusting, but a refreshing change from the Kardashian family.

8. Steve Buscemi

Steve Buscemi photos

It’s not surprising to see Steve Buscemi on this list, with him always playing the “creepy” guy in movies. He’s discussed that in interviews previously, saying he hadn’t thought much of it.

9. Woody Allen

Woody Allen photos

Actor and director Woody Allen is definitely creepy. He was in a relationship with Mia Farrow when he began having sex with Mia’s adopted teen daughter, Soon-Yi. It wasn’t his biological daughter so there was no incest involved, but it’s disgusting nonetheless.

10. Criss Angel

Illusionist Criss Angel

Illusionist Criss Angel does wear lots of jewelry and likes to bare his chest but is he creepy? Maybe it’s just because of his amazing illusions?

Criss angel-Magic trick no-one expected thisby saucers1

11. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus made creepy list

Miley Cyrus recently referred to herself as a “creepy sexy baby” when she performed at the MTV Video Music Awards.

She is attempting to be sexy but it doesn’t go with the short hair and boyish body. But creepy? Maybe just her super-long tongue. Some would say that’s sexy!

12. Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan photos

Dina Lohan certainly isn’t mom of the year, but not sure we’d say she is creepy.

13. Lady GaGa

Lady Gaga ended up on creepy list

Lady Gaga would probably consider herself more creative than creepy. Who knows she may like being labeled creepy?

Of course it is scary that sources have claimed Gaga worships Satan. True or not?


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