Dean Sheremet Talks Shock Over LeAnn Rimes’ Cheating


Dean Sheremet blindsided by LeAnn Rimes

Dean Sheremet has finally opened up about his shock about finding out LeAnn Rimes had cheated on him with Eddie Cibrian after eight years of marriage.

Dean was very respectful and said he has no animosity towards LeAnn. What a classy guy!

Sheremet said he was totally blindsided by her affair, which LeAnn revealed on the phone after she found out photos of her cheating were being published.

Dean told “Access Hollywood”, “I never saw it coming”, explaining how Rimes told him a magazine “may or may not have a picture” of her kissing Eddie Cibrian.

Sheremet said, “You have that assumption that the person that you’re with would never do something like that.”

Dean Sheremet, who is now happily married to Sarah Silver, has kept a low profile after the cheating scandal and divorce in 2009.

He said he doesn’t mind when his previous marriage with the country star is brought up in interviews.

He adds, “It’s fine because I’ve really laid low during the whole thing. It’s part of my story and it’s the reason that I get to do awesome cooking segments. Whatever it is that gets me in the door is fine. I’m really a chef!”

Most of us see Dean Sheremet as being the bigger person and taking the high road. But LeAnn wasn’t thrilled to learn of his latest interview.

The singer took to Twitter, writing, “I’ve got nothing! Over it, long gone, next…I mean really!?”

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