Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell: Just Married!


Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have tied the knot in a no-frills courtroom ceremony.

The couple, who have been engaged since 2010, finally made it official in Beverly Hills!

Kristen and Dax headed to the Beverly Hills County Clerk Office to obtain a marriage license when they were told by an employee that they could be married on the spot.

The couple agreed and there were legally married in a courtroom.

A photographer was on hand to capture their special moment and Kristen Bell reportedly cried tears of joy.

She previously said she and Dax decided to wait to be married when same-sex unions were legal. Now that gay marriages are recognized, they decided to go for it!

Bell previously said she didn’t want a lavish wedding. She explained, “It’s not a desire of either of ours to have any sort of day of celebration for us. I feel like we get enough attention in our daily lives and we just want something sort of private that involves pen and paper.”

She added, “Honestly, I could go home and we could do it today, there’s no forethought really going into it.”

Bell and Shepard welcomed a baby daughter named Lincoln in May 2013.

Congrats to the adorable couple on their marriage!

Images: wenn.com


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