Tiki Barber & One-Time Mistress Traci Johnson Expecting First Child (VIDEO)


Tiki Barber & Traci Johnson pics

Tiki Barber has revealed he and the 23-year-old woman he left his pregnant wife for are expecting their first child together.

The retired New York Giants running back went on to marry Traci Johnson, who actually wrote a couple of articles for our website defending her affair with the married athlete (which irked me to say the least).

Tiki Barber and Traci Johnson married in a civil ceremony in New York’s City Hall in July, eight days after his divorce to his wife Ginny of 11 years was finalized.

The controversial couple made an appearance on “Bethenny”, where they announced they were expecting their first child (Tiki’s fifth child) together.

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The controversial former NFL star left his wife, Ginny in 2010, while she was eight months pregnant with twin girls due to his affair with Traci Johnson.

Barber was working for NBC’s “Today” but lost his job soon after his personal life was thrust into the spotlight. The affair with the former NBC intern didn’t go over well apparently.

Before his affair with Johnson became public, Barber was thought of as a committed family man, the father of two sons and the expectant father of twin daughters.

But Tiki also pissed off the Jewish community when he compared his secret affair with Traci Johnson, conducted in his friends attic apartment, as being like the tragic story of Anne Frank.

Tiki met up for sex with Traci in his lawyer, Mark Lepselter’s apartment, to hide the affair from his wife.

Barber had said, “Lep’s Jewish. And it was like a reverse Anne Frank thing.”

Well, congrats? to the couple. Traci better hope Tiki doesn’t decide to dump her while she is eight months pregnant!

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