Think A Home Depot Proposal Isn’t Romantic? Think Again! (VIDEO)


Awesome engagement proposal

This may not be celebrity related but it’s still a really beautiful story about a guy’s trip to a Home Depot store to pick up lighting for a party, when he gets the surprise of his life!

Spencer Stout proposed to his boyfriend Dustin by using a flash mob of dancing friends and family members to the tune of Betty Who’s “Somebody Loves You”. We’ll admit we got a little choked up!

A trip to Home Depot doesn’t sound especially romantic. It actually brings to mind shopping for an item and not being to find even one employee to help you!

But in this case, it actually a heart-warming proposal that we are loving!

Dustin went by the Home Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah to help his roommate locate lighting fixtures. He was soon told to stand on a platform and was surprised with a flash mob of friends and family.

Dustin gets surprise proposal from boyfriend

The group danced to Betty Who’s “Somebody Loves You” before Spencer came out in a suit holding a sign with the lyrics “If I’m good to you, Won’t you be good to me?”

Spencer Stout's viral proposal

Spencer then gets down on one knee and Dustin says “yes”.

We see lots of flash mob stuff these days and some interesting proposals. But, there’s something so adorable about this proposal that gets to us.

These two seem really in love with supportive families. Congrats you guys!

Images: youtube


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