Simon Cowell’s Gal Pal Sinitta Reveals She Aborted Simon’s Baby


Sinitta and Simon Cowell pics

Former singer Sinitta, who is an ex-girlfriend of Simon Cowell’s, previously admitted feeling a “sense of betrayal” when she learned Cowell was having a baby with Lauren Silverman.

Many of us wondered why one of his “harem” would feel this way, but now it’s been revealed Sinitta actually aborted her baby after Simon knocked her up four years ago.

Sinitta revealed she aborted Simon Cowell’s child when they were dating four years ago.

The former singer said Simon was the father and claims she no longer feels “cursed” by her decision to abort the child.

Sinitta stated, “I know the curse has been lifted because I have been blessed with children and now Simon is too. I don’t think there was ever a curse really – I was just talking about my thoughts at the time.”

She didn’t say if Simon knew that she had aborted his child.

Sinitta went on to adopt two children, Magdalena, now 8, and Zac, 3, with her financier husband Andy Wilner. They divorced in 2010.

Sinitta with her two adopted children

Simon Cowell is known for keeping close relationships with many of his exes, often seen with his former girlfriends on a yacht including Jackie St-Clair, former fiance Mezghan Hussainy, and Sinitta.

Cowell little harem wasn’t thrilled with they saw the then-married socialite Lauren Silverman take up with the music mogul.

Sinitta previously said, “We knew we were all close friends but I didn’t realize he and Lauren were falling in love and, when I found out, I will admit I was taking aback and did feel a sense of betrayal.”

She adds, “I suppose there has been a certain amount of comfort for me in my not having a child with Simon as he never wanted to have children. That’s who he was. You accepted it. Then to discover that he is going to have a child, only with someone else and they’re building this life together…All those crazy things were going through my head and it’s not fair and it’s not pertinent to Simon and Lauren’s situation and I don’t have a right to feel that way. But I’m being honest.”

A-ha! It all makes sense now. Sinitta is feeling like “why not me?”

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