Shirtless Male Fan Pulls Beyonce Off Stage In Brazil (VIDEO)


Beyonce drug off stage during show

Beyonce was pulled off stage by a shirtless man during her performance in Sao Paulo, Brazil on Sunday night.

The extremely excited guy managed to put his arms around the singer and pulled her right off the stage.

Beyoncé’s security team quickly stepped in and two guards pulled Beyonce back up onto the platform.

The 32-year-old singer had moved closer to the crowd as she performed her song “Irreplaceable” when she asked fans in the front row to sing along.

Brazilian fan hugs Beyonce

A male shirtless fan unexpectedly hugged the 32-year-old star and tried to pull her down onto the stadium floor.

Beyonce's security pulls her away

Beyonce continued performing like a pro after the incident.

Beyonce performing in Brazil

She told the crowd, “It’s all right” as she picked up a Brazilian flag that was tossed onto the stage. She moved toward the man that had gotten a bit too excited and also told him, “It’s alright, it’s alright”.

Beyonce then asked the man his name, before telling the audience “I love you all”.

Earlier this month Queen Bey kicked off the Latin American leg of The Mrs. Carter Show in Brazil.

We noticed the short pixie cut didn’t last very long. Beyonce is back to her wigs and long hair extensions again!

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