Samuel L. Jackson To Obama: “Be F**king Presidential”


Samuel L. Jackson no longer Obama fan?

Actor Samuel L. Jackson has taken aim at Barack Obama for “dumbing down” the way he talks to America, telling Obama to “be f**king presidential”.

The legendary actor, who backed Obama’s reelection in 2012, feels the President is trying to be cool and “relate” to the public using “street language”. Do you agree?

Jackson wonders why the President chooses to drop the letter “g” from the end of his words, taking aim at Obama in his interview with Playboy magazine.

The actor questioned the president’s reasons for changing his speech, saying, “First of all, we know it ain’t because of his blackness, so I say stop trying to “relate”. Be a leader. Be f**king presidential. Look, I grew up in a society where I could say It ain’t or What it be to my friends.

“But when I’m out presenting myself to the world as me, who graduated from college, who had family who cared about me, who has a well-read background, I f**king conjugate”.

Samuel L. Jackson stated that educated men like the president who try to speak less correctly are encouraging mediocrity.

The “Snakes on a Plane” star said, “The other day I’m watching this white guy talking to black people on TV, and all of a sudden he’s saying stuff like Pump your brakes and I got you, these new politically cool terms that kind of came out of hip-hop and blackness.

“I’m thinking, We do still speak English, right? Though sometimes I wonder. So yeah, it still happens. But the whole language and culture are different now. I’ll be reading scripts and the screenwriter mistakes your for you’re. On Twitter someone will write, Your an idiot, and I’ll go, ‘No, you’re an idiot,’ and all my Twitterphiles will go, Hey, Sam Jackson, he’s the grammar police.'”

He adds, “I’ll take that. Somebody needs to be. I mean, we have newscasters who don’t even know how to conjugate verbs… how the f*ck did we become a society where mediocrity is acceptable?”

Jackson definitely has a valid point!

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