Love Cults & Tom Cruise? You Could Be His Fourth Wife!


Tom Cruise looking for wife number four

Tom Cruise is gearing up for more couch jumping, looking for love with the help of the Church of Scientology.

Cruise is reportedly wanting a smart woman in her 30s that has been a member of Scientology for at least five years and in the entertainment industry.

A source reveals, “Tom needs to be strict about his criteria because he wants to avoid a disastrous match and he needs them to understand his hectic lifestyle and all that comes with it.”

Tom Cruise, who has already been married three times previously, was reportedly dating model Jessica White but Tom’s reps denied the report.

The actor has possibly already found a potential wife, who is said to be a friend of “That 70s Show” star Laura Prepon. They hit it off at a gala at the Scientology Celebrity Center International in Los Angeles.

An insider said, “Tom seemed impressed, but he’s keen to see who else might be out there.”

There have been rumors for years that Tom Cruise had “auditions” for wives by the Church of Scientology.

Last month, former Scientologist Anette Iren Johansen claimed she had been “auditioned” to be Tom’s wife back in 2005 just before he married Katie Holmes.

Tom was married to the 34-year-old actress for five-and-a-half years before divorcing in July of last year.

The couple are parents to 7-year-old daughter Suri.

Cruise was also married to actress Nicole Kidman for 10 years, before splitting in 2001.

The couple are parents to adopted children Isabella, 20, and Connor, 18, who live with their dad in Los Angeles and have a distant relationship with their mother.

Tom was married to Mimi Rogers from 1987-1990, who is responsible for introducing the actor to the cult religion.

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