Lindsay Lohan & Jimmy Fallon In Faux Teen Show “Ew” (VIDEO)


Lindsay Lohan & Jimmy Fallon funny skit

A very funny and healthy-looking Lindsay Lohan took part in a funny comedy sketch with Jimmy Fallon for his show.

Lindsay and Jimmy played bratty teen girls that were part of a fake teen show called “Ew!”. It’s great to see Lindsay back in fine form!

The 27-year-old actress played a bratty teenager in a floral dress and pig-tails to join host Jimmy Fallon in his Ew! sketch. Fallon wore a blonde wig and a floral dress and faux braces on his teeth for his role as Sara.

Lindsay asked Jimmy if he had seen the One Direction movie, saying that she wished it had had more of Harry in it. Jimmy responded with “Kiss Harry Styles time” and proceeded to dreamily close his eyes and pretend to make out with the British boy bander.

Lindsay Lohan and Jimmy Fallon touched on the headline-making antics of Miley Cyrus…of course!

Jimmy (as Sara) asks, “Did you see the new Miley Cyrus video? We should do some twerking”

“Ew” Lindsay replies, “No. Twerking is so 2-0-1-3. Nowadays is all about scrumping!”

Lindsay Lohan & Fallon in Ew!

It was a breath of fresh air to see Lindsay Lohan appearing to be on the straight and narrow after her last rehab stint.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has been criticized by the director of her film “The Canyons” for failing to support the movie.

Paul Schrader wrote on Facebook, “She is a producer of the film, a 25% owner. She has received wonderful reviews (among the negative) for her performance. I hired her when no one else would. She fought to keep the role when I wanted to fire her for unreliability. She has no other films in the can.”


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