Justin Timberlake’s Hilariously Cringe-worthy Interview (VIDEO)


Justin Timberlake's funny interview in Brazil

Justin Timberlake is a professional when it comes to doing interviews, but he looked like a deer in headlights during his hilarious interview in Brazil.

Things start off just fine, with the language barrier being a bit difficult but things take a turn for the cringe-worthy soon enough!

Justin Timberlake is out promoting his latest film “Runner, Runner” and sat down with Sabrina Sato from Brazil for an interview.

Sato stumbles over her words and admits she is very “nervous”, but Justin reassures her and she starts the interview.

Timberlake tries very hard to understand her questions and answer, but it’s apparent he is having a difficult time.

Justin Timberlake Sabrina Sato interview

Sabrina asks Justin Timberlake if he thinks he’s the next King of Pop and if he thinks he’s better than Michael Jackson.

“No,” he said laughing. “I don’t think anybody is. Michael Jackson is the best.”

Sato then states how amazing Justin’s dancing skills are, and how he sings and dances “like a black American”.

She then asks him if he wants to learn to “samba like a black Brazilian”.

J.T. laughs uncomfortably and his publicist declines the dancing lesson.

Sato asks a few more questions that Justin could obviously not understand, but does his best to throw out answers.

The singer then receives a lovely gift from Sabrina Sato and opens the box with a shocked look on his face.

Justin Timberlake butt in a box

“Oh my god,” he said slowly. “This is your butt!”

Sato had made a mold of her rear end and autographed it for Timberlake. She said, “[It says] with love”.

Perhaps it was a tribute to Justin’s “SNL” Digital Short, “D*** in a Box” with Andy Samberg.

Either way, the interview was very entertaining at Justin Timberlake’s expense.

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