Hollywood Celebs With Naughty Criminal Pasts We Overlook


Sean Penn violent with Madonna

There are some pretty awesome things about being famous, but having the whole world know about your private business isn’t usually a good thing.

We are going to delve into the criminal pasts of some well-known celebrities that everyone seems to have forgotten about. Let’s check them out!

Vince Neil

Vince Neil killed a guy while driving drunk

We all know Vince Neil as the frontman of the rock band Motley Crue, who have sold around a million albums during their career spanning 30 years!

But did you know that Vince got wasted and wound up killing his friend and seriously injuring others? It went down in 1984 when Vince was having a party at his home. Neil got behind the wheel drunk and drove himself and his pal Razzle to the liquor store. On the way he lost control and crashed head-on into a Volkswagen.

Vince’s friend Razzle was killed and two people in the other car were hospitalized. One person was in a coma for a month.

Neil was convicted of DUI and vehicular manslaughter, which could’ve have landed him in prison for ten years. Before you know it, Vince’s lawyer talked down the sentence to only 30 days in jail, five years of probation, and $2.5 million in fines.

The rocker himself knows he got off way too easily for his actions. He later stated, “I wrote a $2.5 million check for vehicular manslaughter when Razzle died. I should have gone to prison. I definitely deserved to go to prison. But I did 30 days in jail and got laid and drank beer, because that’s the power of cash. That’s fu**ed up.”

Yes it is!

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was a real-life bad boy

Most of us know Mark Wahlberg as a good actor, the former boy band star of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch, and his underwear ads. But, before all this fame he was a criminal.

Wahlberg got into trouble with the law about 20 times and that’s while he was a minor! He was involved in dealing drugs and gang activity.

Mark Wahlberg avoided an attempted murder charge by the skin of his teeth after hate crimes on Vietnamese men. He was charged with attempted murder and assault in 1986 when he attacked a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street with a wooden stick.

Walhberg pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of criminal contempt and was released after serving 45 days of a two-year sentence.

Sean Penn

Sean Penn violent with Madonna

Anytime we think of actor Sean Penn we think of him helping out in Haiti and attacking the paparazzi. But the paps aren’t the only ones Sean Penn put the beatdown on!

in 1988, Sean Penn flew into a rage over wife Madonna’s alleged affair with actor Warren and went psycho.

Penn got really drunk and climbed into the window of Madonna’s home where she was alone. He tied her to a chair and assaulted her for hours and threatened to shave her head. He later went out for more alcohol and came back to beat her some more.

Madonna said that he untied her after she agreed to perform a sex act on him. She took off and ran to her car. Sean ran after her and was beating on the windows of her car as she called the police. Penn was taken away in handcuffs and charged with inflicting “corporal injury and traumatic conditions” as well as “battery”.

A week later, Madonna called her lawyers and told them to file divorce papers. But Madonna told Deputy District Attorney Lauren Weiss she wished to withdraw the assault charges against her husband because she didn’t want all the bad publicity.

These days Sean Penn is a hero in Haiti and has two Oscar wins. No one seems to remember the horrible shit he did.

Will Smith

Will Smith mugshot photo

Actor Will Smith was arrested back in 1989 after an argument that got physical. The “Men in Black” star was charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, simple assault and criminal conspiracy for not only attacking record promoter William Hendricks, but also having his security guard beat him Hendricks. The charges were later dropped and it appears as all is forgotten?

Tim Allen

Tim Allen drug dealer

Tim Allen, whose real name is Tomothy Alan Dick, has a pretty nasty criminal history. He was arrested in 1978 for drug trafficking after he was caught in an airport with 650 grams of cocaine.

Allen snitched and turned over 21 peoples names to the authorities in order to avoid a life sentence. Tim Allen credits his time behind bars for inspiring him to try comedy. He went on to star in “Home Improvement”.

Robert Blake

Robert Blake a murderer?

“Beretta” star Robert Blake was arrested for shooting and killing his wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, in 2002. A stunt man came forward to testify that he tried to hire him to do the job. Robert Blake then had a civil case filed against him by her children.

We’re not sure if Blake murdered his wife or not but he certainly handed Piers Morgan’s butt to him during this interview.

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page kept young teen locked away

Jimmy Page is the founder of the popular Led Zeppelin rock band, but did you know he kidnapped a 14-year-old girl when he was younger?

Sources reveal Page took the 14-year-old girl home and kept her behind closed doors and had sex with her.

In 1972, Page was hanging around a nightclub when he spotted 14-year-old Lori Maddox. He liked what he saw and didn’t care how young she was. He sent his tour manager Richard Cole to Maddox’s table with the message, “Jimmy told me that he’s going to have you whether you like it or not.” The roadie grabbed her and put her in the back of a limo, saying, “You fu**ing move and I’ll fu**ing have your head.”

She describes the incident at about the 3:00 minute mark:

Page kept Lori Maddox locked away for several years so he wouldn’t wind up in jail.

It’s pretty interesting stuff and we’re surprised their careers survived after their actions. We guess everyone deserves a second chance!


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