Crooner Michael Buble Featured In X-Rated Wild Party Photos


Michael Buble in leaked racy photos

Michael Buble, whose smooth voice reminds many fans of Frank Sinatra, obviously has another side to him…a naughty one!

The singer is shown in newly released photos at a booze-filled party getting very close to an unidentified woman.

The racy photos, posted on Radar online, were reportedly taken in 2000 in Vancouver.

A source close to Michael Buble reveals the singer had just split from his girlfriend and was just having a little fun with friends.

The wild party photos show the woman crouching in front of the singer with her hand in his pants. Another shows him apparently motor-boating the girl. A third shows him with several other guys and Buble is right in between her legs.

A source explains, “Michael had broken up from his girlfriend a few months earlier and he went on a bit of a tear-up. He was nursing a broken heart. When we returned to this apartment things got out of hand. It stunned all of us at the time but then we started laughing. There was a lot of whistling and hooting. There was no shame about it. Everyone even allowed photos to be taken!”

The insider adds, “These photos are the exact opposite of the image that he has portrayed publicly for years. Michael has always been a ladies’ man.”

Buble is now happily married to model Luisana Lopilato. The couple, who married in 2011, welcomed a baby boy named Noah in August.

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