Charlie Sheen Obtains High School Diploma (VIDEO)


Charlie Sheen a high school graduate now

Charlie Sheen, whose real name is Carlos Estevez, never had the chance to get his high school diploma thirty years ago.

But now the actor completed the credits needed and was awarded his diploma during his appearance on Jay Leno’s late night show.

The “Anger Management” star was just a few credits shy of graduating from Santa Monica High back in 1983. His parents pleaded with him to stay in school, but he pursued his acting career instead.

Sheen had always wanted to finish high school, saying, “It was a loose end that always bothered me. I just have this lifelong habit of never finishing things.”

Charlie Sheen had fulfilled his requirements, but wasn’t able to attend the ceremony because of a shooting that took place at Santa Monica College.

Leno surprised him, asking, “Oh, so you didn’t get to go?…Well I got something for ya,” as he had Sheen put on a cap and gown.

“I know this has bothered you for a long time,” Leno said, who then had Charlie’s friend Tony come out the present the actor with his diploma.

His buddy said, “On behalf of Santa Monica High School class of 1983 and class of 2013, it is my honor as your friend of over 30 years to present you with your official…high school diploma.”

Sheen flipped his tassle over the the other side and tossed his hat into the air.

Charlie, 48, said of his diploma, “I’m gonna get a spotlight, cordon the thing off. I think it should be put up somewhere, maybe in the kitchen. This, I think, is important to put up.”

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