Aliens Love Baseball? Minor League Canadian Game Footage Shows UFO? (VIDEO)


UFO spotted at Canadian baseball game?

Baseball fans attending a minor league baseball game at the Nat Bailey Stadium in Vancouver, Canada were shocked to see what appeared to be a UFO in the sky during the Vancouver Canadians and Everett AquaSox game.

Do aliens love baseball as much as the rest of us or is it a hoax?

The unidentified flying object, UFO, appeared to hover in the sky above the trees with flashing lights on the disk at the start of the sixth inning.

Baseball fans in Canada report UFO sighting

Spectators began pointing up to the sky during the game. One Twitter user said he saw the UFO moving up and down in the sky over the crowd of 1,796 baseball fans.

Is there other life out there that also enjoy sporting events?

UFO hovers over baseball field

There were people excited about the sighting, while others squashed the report.

One viewer said, “You guys are so gullible. Those EXACT colors are used on the majority of the RC air crafts available in stores. Even planes, real planes use those colors on each side of the wing. Wake up… I believe in UFO’s, I truly do. But I’m not a f****** stupid, gullible, moronic person like the rest of you believing in everything”.

Another naysayer said the object was towards the southwest where the Vancouver International Airport is located, suggesting it could be a large passenger jet or freight aircraft.

The identity of the aircraft is still unconfirmed so it considered a UFO.

One survey in May suggested record numbers of Canadian UFO reports in 2012, with a total of 1,981.

What do you guys think? Do you believe in aliens?

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