Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) Has An Adorable Talent (VIDEO)


Aaron Paul's amazing pet trick

Aaron Paul, who is best known as Jesse Pinkman in the hit show “Breaking Bad”, revealed his amazing talent that involves puppies!

The 34-year-old actor is able to guess the sex of a dog just by petting it. Check it out!

Aaron had told Jimmy Kimmel of his so-called talent but the comedian wanted to put the actor to the test with a special little game.

Aaron Paul was blindfolded and Jimmy had four different dogs that had pink or blue collars so the audience would know if he was predicting correctly.

Aaron Paul guesses sex of dogs

Aaron pet the first dog, declaring “A b*tch!”, using his “Breaking Bad” catchphrase he’s become known for on the show.

Paul guessed two more females correctly and on the third he said, “This one’s got balls, b*tch!”

Jimmy responded, “That’s absolutely right, that is the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen, take a bow.”

So how does Aaron Paul do it? We have no idea, but the actor claims to have had the bizarre talent since he was young.

Paul had a great time and later tweeted a thank you message to the host. He wrote, “Hey @jimmykimmel I just wanted to let you know that I love you. Thanks for having me on again Bitch. Tune in tonight everyone!! #Pizza.”

There are only two episodes of “Breaking Bad” but Paul has been busy and is nominated for an Emmy on Sunday.

Aaron Paul is nominated for outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series 2013.

The actor recently tied the knot to Lauren Corinne Parsekian in May.

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