Say Word? Avril Lavigne Makes Out With Winnie Cooper (VIDEO)


Avril Lavigne kissing Danica McKellar

Avril Lavigne debuted her latest music video for “Rock N Roll,” which pays tribute to “Tank Girl.”

The “Rock N Roll” video shows Avril being joined by actress Danica McKellar, who most of us know as “Wonder Years” star Winnie Cooper. And they make out!

Lavigne’s video stars out with her referencing her breakout song, “Sk8r Boi”. She tells the guy on the phone, “He was a boy…she was a girl. Mmhmm. Well I’m sorry, if you don’t get it by now, I’m going to have to say goodbye, sir”.

The crazy video shows Avril Lavigne joined by actor Billy Zane, a drunk dog, a shark-bear hybrid, and did we mention she makes out with Winnie Cooper?

The girl-on-girl kissing scene is adorably narrated in a “Wonder Years”-style voice over.

Avril’s video touches on the Guns N’ Roses video “November Rain”, movie “Sharknado”.

The album, which is set for release on September 24, includes collaborations with her new husband Chad Kroeger of Nickelback as well as an appearance from Marilyn Manson on the track “Bad Girl”.

Avril Lavigne said of her new album, “The record’s really diverse. Basically, this album I wanted to still have emotional, heartfelt ballads, but I also wanted to make this record a little more upbeat and feel-good. And that’s also the place that I’m in in my life.”

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