Robin Thicke’s Wife Paula Patton Confronts Miley Cyrus! (VIDEO)


Paula Patton wanted to kick Miley Cyrus' butt

Most us found Miley Cyrus’ raunchy performance with Robin Thicke entertaining but extremely distasteful, especially because he is a married father of one.

Apparently Robin’s wife Paula Patton was shocked at Miley’s slutty antics with her husband and confronted her backstage at the Video Music Awards.

Robin Thicke’s wife was in the front row for the performance as Miley Cyrus grinded on the married singer and touched his crotch with a foam finger.

Paula Patton seemed to enjoy the show at first until things heated up. Patton had attended several rehearsals before the performance but Miley’s naughty actions weren’t planned at all!

Paula Patton's facial expression

The actress watched in shock as Cyrus touched her husband inappropriately and rubbed her flat little butt on him.

Miley Cyrus rubs booty on Robin Thicke

After Miley Cyrus left the stage, Paula Patton reportedly went backstage and confronted the former Disney star.

An insider backstage revealed, “Once Miley came off stage, Paula immediately rushed over and asked her what the hell she was thinking by twerking on her man like that. Cyrus laughed it off by telling her she was just joking and wanted to make the performance entertaining but Paula was fuming; a friend came over to calm her down because she looked so mad, she would’ve probably hit Miley in the face.”

Another eyewitness said, “We had to physically hold Paula back, she was ready to go crazy. Plus she seemed to be a little inebriated – maybe too much champagne.”

Now we know Miley was just being the new naughty Miley but we’d be pretty pissed if some chick was all over our man like that too! Especially in front of tons of people!

One family with utter disbelief on their faces the family of Will Smith. Their reactions are priceless!

Smith family reacts to Miley Cyrus performance

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