Rihanna Refusing To Pay Grandma Dolly’s Funeral Bill?


Rihanna stiffing funeral company?

Rihanna is reportedly refusing to pay a $150,000 bill for her grandmother’s funeral.

The singer is being sued by the company who organized the extravagant funeral service for her grandmother Clara “Dolly” Braithwaite, who passed away last July.

The lawsuit claims Rihanna felt the bill was way too high and refused to pay the total amount due, paying only a quarter of the final bill.

The 25-year-old singer spared no expense on the funeral service in Barbados that included a party with tents, large screens, and giant exotic floral arrangements.

RiRi was very close to her grandma and often shared photos of the two of them during Dolly’s cancer battle.

At the time of her grandmother’s death, Rihanna axed concerts and paid tribute to her on Twitter, writing, “Goodbye grangranDolly get your beauty rest until I see you. grangranDolly that is all.”

Rihanna’s rep claims the whole thing is a “misunderstanding”.

Her rep issued a statement saying, “Rihanna’s bill was paid in full. The accusation that there is an outstanding balance is completely false.”

The singer donated $1.75 million to the radiotherapy department of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, in honor of her grandmother.

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