Miley Cyrus Joins Liam Hemsworth At “Paranoia” Premiere: He Looks Miserable


Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Paranoia premiere

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been rumored to have split this past year, but the couple (or Miley at least) attempted to put on a united front at the “Paranoia” premiere.

Miley flashed her engagement ring and cozied up to Liam, but the Australian actor’s body language sure didn’t support their “togetherness”.

Miley, 20, wore a colorful leather patchwork dress that is way more clothing than we’ve seen her in lately. Thank goodness she kept her mouth closed and her tongue inside her mouth for the premiere.

The premiere was the couple’s first public event following months of rumors that the engagement was off and that they had split.

An insider at the premiere revealed that the couple looked more like strangers than a couple in love.

A source said, “Miley and Liam arrived together, and they took photos, but Miley went inside while Liam worked the carpet. He refused to answer any questions about Miley and seemed annoyed, like he didn’t want to be there.”

Liam’s family attended the premiere but had nothing to do with Miley Cyrus. You might remember his older actor brothers had a sit-down with him and wanted him to break things off with Cyrus.

The insider said, “Liam’s family was there to support him, but they completely ignored Miley when she was there. They literally had their backs to her.”

An eyewitness at the movie premiere adds, “Miley and Liam barely talked or acknowledged each other. At one point, she gave him a light kiss, but it was weak. They went inside for the screening, sat next to each other, but turned away from each other and didn’t really talk to each other.”

Miley and Liam’s behavior didn’t get any better at the after party for the movie.

The source said, “At the party, they acted like strangers. Even when they were standing right next to each other, they would never touch — hold hands, put their arms around each other, or anything like that — it was like they didn’t even know each other.”

The source adds, “Miley was bubbly and seemed to have fun, but Liam was not into it. Miley tried to engage Liam a bit — she even leaned in for a kiss, but he held back until it was awkward and then he gave her a little peck.”

“Mostly, they just ignored each other. They showed zero intimacy. If you didn’t know who they were, you would assume they didn’t know each other. The only time Liam seemed happy was when he was talking to Harrison Ford”.

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