Lindsay Lohan Partying All Night With The Wanted…Not A Good Idea!


Lindsay Lohan out of rehab

Lindsay Lohan just completed her 90-day court mandated rehab stint and everyone was rooting for the troubled star to get her life and career back on track.

But, the actress reportedly partied into the wee hours with British Boy band The Wanted in Los Angeles.

An insider revealed, “The party went on all night long and was so loud that guests were complaining. Lindsay was there with [the band’s] Max George. The Wanted have been staying at the Mondrian [hotel] for days, and Lindsay, who briefly dated Max a while back, was partying with the band.

“There were so many complaints about the noise that hotel staff had to shut the party down and Lindsay had to be taken out of there by security at 7am. She was with her sister.”

Lohan’s rep confirmed that the actress visited Max but denied the star was partying.

A source said, “She is friends with Max and did visit him, but everything else is untrue. She did not drink, she was in bed by midnight, and she showed up on time for therapy this (Thursday) morning. She has a sober coach”.

Lindsay Lohan has now moved to New York City, reportedly following advice given to her by talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey recently stated, “I thought that she’s in the best place that I’ve ever seen her. I believe that she believes that she is now ready. And she admitted that there were other times when she was pretending to be ready and not quite sure. And sometimes resentful that she was being, you know, put in a position where she had to go to rehab. I think this is the first time I could see it really benefited her”.

Let’s hope the partying reports are just a rumor, but with Lindsay who knows?

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