Jessica Simpson Shows Off Adorable Son Ace (Photo)


Jessica Simpson son Ace photos

Jessica Simpson became a mother for the second time on June 30. She is now showing the first photo of her precious son, Ace Knute.

The 33-year-old is shown with a big smile as she cradles her two-month-old son and has her arm around her 16-month-old daughter, Maxwell. So cute!

Jessica Simpson opened up about being a mother in the accompanying article, saying, “[Ace is] incredible. People say he looks like me.”

The singer, who gave birth via scheduled C-section, admits her second pregnancy was way more difficult than her first.

Simpson said, “I am just one of those pregnant women who gains a lot of weight. I have really big boobs. I have my curves. Even trying as hard as I did with Ace, I still gained.”

The pretty blonde said it was hard dealing with all the criticism when she gained weight. She said, “It’s very hurtful, especially when you’re so emotional and going through all of these hormonal changes.”

She said her fiance, Eric Johnson, was there to make her feel better. She adds, “I had a good support system. Eric has always appreciated my body”.

Jessica said of son Ace Knute, who is named Ace after her grandfather and Knute after Eric’s grandfather, is more sensitive.

She explained, “The moment he came out, I thought, He’s going to have a really strong personality, but he’s going to be a little bit more sensitive”.

“Maxwell is a firecracker!” she said of her 16-month-old daughter.

Jessica Simpson also shared that they are starting to discussing wedding plans after postponing their previous plans in September 2011.

She stated, “We now have a where and a when. Everybody has just been so anxious for us to get married – including us. And everyone has watched our love develop throughout becoming parents. When we actually do get married, it will be that much more intimate and beautiful.”

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