Before They Became Famous: Celebrities Early Work!


Teri Hatcher got her start on Love Boat

Most celebrities didn’t make the big time all of a sudden. They had to work to make ends meet while trying to achieve their dreams.

We’ve found some very interesting early work of some of our favorite celebrities. Some are pretty amusing!

We recently told you about actor Bryan Cranston being a villain on the Power Rangers, but also dug up this commercial he did early in his career.

Long before he was cooking up meth as Walter White on “Breaking Bad”, Bryan Cranston was touting the soothing oxygen action of Preparation H!

Bryan Cranston hemmorhoid cream

Most of us know Teri Hatcher as the scheming Susan Meyer on “Desperate Housewives”. But Teri’s first job was as Amy the Mermaid on “Love Boat” in 1985.

Teri Hatcher got her start on Love Boat

David Letterman

Here’s a young David Letterman in his first interview at the 1971 Indy 500, where he was introduced as Chris Economaki. He interviews Mario Andretti and asks a really dumb question.

David Letterman career start

David Letterman started his career as a radio talk show host and made worked as a reporter and weatherman for a local Indianapolis TV station.

Actor Patrick Dempsey was an avid juggler before starring in movies and on “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr. McDreamy. Dempsey was a talented juggler that tied second place in a national juggling competition when he was in high school.

Patrick Dempsey sexy face

We all know Sandra Bullock as a great actress, seen in many romantic comedies. But when she got her start, she was actually the Bionic Woman for the television movie “Bionic Showdown” in 1989.

Sandra Bullock Bionic woman

Abigail Breslin, who is known for her role as “Little Miss Sunshine” is shown in a Toys ‘R Us commercial at the age of three, where she tells everyone how she “pooped in the potty”. So cute!

Abigail Breslin all grown up

Mariah Carey’s husband Nick Cannon previously worked at Wienerschnitzel (yummy). Cannon was fired for telling too many jokes to customers at the drive-thru.

Nick Cannon fast food worker

Rocker twins Benji and Joel Madden actually worked as shampoo boys for a salon in Maryland before finding success with their band Good Charlotte.

Benji Madden and Joel Madden

They showed off their skills on Tyra’s show:

Danny DeVito worked at a salon cutting hair before finding fame. He even worked at a local mortuary where he styled the hair of dead women.

Danny DeVito hair stylist?

DeVito said there were two advantages to working on a corpse. The dead women didn’t “talk back or complain” and you don’t have to worry about getting hairspray in their eyes.

Everyone has to get their start somewhere right?


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