Creepy! Jennifer Lopez’s Crazy Stalker Was Living In Her Pool House!


Jennifer Lopez's scary house guest

Jennifer Lopez’s stalker, a former fireman named John Dubis, had been living in the pool house of her mansion for a week without security noticing.

Dubis had his car parked out front and had been making himself at home, despite a restraining order against him.

John Dubis is obsessed with the singer and sources close to J-Lo said she was freaked out that he could be so close to her home.

Crazy guy was living in J-lo's home

Dubis felt so at home at the mansion that he took photos and posted them on the internet. He also cleaned up a path while the singer’s security team patrolled the premises.

The crazy guy was finally caught when a staff member saw him standing on the back porch and confronted him.

Dubis claimed he was an ex-husband of the singer, and when police arrived he said her was the father of her children.

Jennifer Lopez’s scary admirer told police he had pleasured himself in the garden because he thought J-Lo wanted him to “spread his seed throughout the world”. Wow!

Dubis was arrested and taken for a psychiatric evaluation. He was charged second-degree burglary and first-degree criminal contempt, and two misdemeanors, fourth-degree stalking and possession of burglar tools. His next court date is Aug. 28.

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