Black Keys Star Dan Auerbach Loses $5 Mil & Bob Dylan’s Hair In Divorce


Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys

The divorce proceedings of Black Keys singer Dan Auerbach and wife Stephanie Gonis has not only been very bitter, but also really strange.

Dan and Stephanie just finalized their divorce and his wife will walk away with $5 million, a 2012 Toyota Highlander, a house, and singer Bob Dylan’s hair. Yes, seriously.

Dylan’s hair was apparently listed as an asset in their divorce documents that the battling couple both wanted, but Stephanie ended up with in the settlement.

This weirdness is just the latest in their very nasty split.

Rumors of their split came out in February after Auerbach attended the Grammys without his wife, winning three awards in the ceremony.

Stephanie Gonis accused Dan Auerbach of physical abuse, while the rocker claimed his now ex-wife had tried to kill herself twice in one day.

Dan said she gashed her leg and ankles open in front of their daughter and the second suicide attempt almost burned their house down. Yes, it seems a divorce was best for this couple.

Gonis later claimed the leg-gashing “suicide” attempt was the result of years of abuse during the marriage and that the fire was merely an accident.

Divorce documents show that Stephanie voluntarily committed herself and spent time in a treatment center, while Auerbach was given temporary custody of the couple’s daughter.

Well, at least Stephanie will always have the hair of Bob Dylan to keep her company.

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