Beyonce Chopped Off Her Hair? Debuts Pixie Cut!


Beyonce shows short hair on Instagram

Beyonce stunned her fans on Wednesday when she showed off her drastic new hair!

Te singer, who is known for her long, flowing hair (via extensions), showed off a very short pixie hairdo! Love it or hate it?

Beyonce, 31, posted photos of her new look on Instagram of herself looking in the mirror.

The singer is shown touching the back of her hair, obviously trying to get used to the new look herself.

Beyonce debuts new look

Beyonce has been known for wearing wigs and extensions for years, but was ready for a change. In fact, Beyonce’s wig collection was once reportedly worth $1 million. Most were custom made for the star from real human hair.

Beyonce ditches the extensions

Most fans that saw the Instagram photos love Queen Bey’s new short hair.

Beyonce’s hair stylist Kim Kimble, of Kimble Hair Studio in Los Angeles, has also done hair for Shakira and Rihanna. She charges upwards of $1300 for a weave, junior stylists cost $700.

Kim said Beyonce’s hair is about branding, stating, “Every time she comes out with a new album, she changes her look, but we still keep her within her look. When you work with a celeb, it’s all about branding – the glam, sexy blonde color is her staple, so we tweak it to keep it fresh. I look at hair as another type of accessory”.

The new short hairstyle comes just two weeks after her long hair got caught in the blades of a fan during her performance in Montreal.

What do you guys think of Beyonce’s new short hair? Love it or hate it?

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