Bald Celebrities: Hair Today…But Gone Tomorrow!


Celebrity hair...going, going, gone

Going bald isn’t an easy transition for any man, especially for celebrities that are already in the spotlight!

Some men compensate by buying a convertible and getting a 20-year-old girlfriend. But don’t fear guys, there are plenty of women that actually like bald men! Let’s check out some balding actors, many of whom look better without hair!

Let’s check out some Hollywood celebrity guys that are a little…follicularly challenged.

Some of these stars are completely bald, while others are experiencing hair today, gone tomorrow syndrome.

Sean Connery began losing his hair at the age of 21. It kept receding further and further back. He actually wore a toupee in all of the James Bond movies. We think Connery wears bald very well. Sean Connery has this certain “je ne sais quoi”…similar to “the most interesting man in the world”.

Sean Connery sexy older man

Billy Zane is probably best known for his role as millionaire Caledon Hockley in “Titanic”. He wore a toupee in that movie but normally has his balding hair totally shaved clean. We think this guy makes bald look beautiful.

Billy Zane makes bald look good

Rapper Coolio is known for his crazy Pippy-Longstocking pigtails, but it looks a bit silly now that he’s bald on top! Just saying!

Rapper Coolio bald with pigtails!

“Mummy” star Brendan Fraser had really long hair in “George of the Jungle” but the actor’s hairline continues to recede.

Brendan Fraser pictures

Heidi Klum’s ex-hubby Seal rocks the bald head, but his battle with lupus as a child resulted in facial scarring and caused him to lose his hair. We can’t even imagine Seal with hair. wears that bald head well.

Singer Seal bald from disease

Action star Vin Diesel wouldn’t look as sexy with hair! The actor began noticing bald spots from a young age and decided to just shave it all off. Good decision!

Vin Diesel's bald head makes him look hot

Director and former Mr. Madonna Guy Ritchie is losing the battle of the hair. Guy sometimes shaves his hair off to hide the fact that he is balding.

Guy Ritchie receding hairline

Jason Statham may be losing his hair but he rocks that receding hairline with confidence. Jason is currently dating supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

Jason Statham & Rosie Huntington-Whitely

Samuel L Jackson normally wears a hat, after balding at a pretty young age. He previously said of his hair loss, “When I first started losing my hair, it was during the era when everybody had lots of hair. Guys either had it down to their shoulders, or all black guys had these big afros. All of a sudden I felt this big hole in the middle of my afro.”

Samuel L. Jackson bald head

Woody Harrelson had a receding hairline even as a young actor starring on “Cheers”. He looked really odd in “Hunger Games” in a shaggy wig. We like barely-there hair best!

Woody Harrelson's baby blues

We’ve always crushed on “Star Trek” star Patrick Stewart, who played Jean-Luc Picard, who has been bald since he was 19. Baldness runs in his family and he embraced his bald head.

Sir Patrick Stewart

Bruce Willis used to have a full head of hair when he was married to Demi Moore, but the actor looks much sexier and tougher sans hair!

Bruce Willis better bald

British actor Jude Law is a nice looking man, but it very obvious he is trying to fight his baldness…and it’s winning thus far. We think he should just shave it. Do you agree?

Jude Law's receding hairline

Many of you will remember Andre Agassi wearing this crazy long wig in the 90s to hid his balding head. He finally ditched the bad wig and shaved his head. The results are pretty damn sexy!

Andre Agassi looking hot

Maybe we just have a thing for bald guys, but if you have a decently-shaped head and are losing your hair. Just shave that shiz! You aren’t fooling anyone!


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