Update! Raz-B Makes Miraculous Recovery!


Raz B in coma after bottle attack

Former B2K singer Raz-B is in a coma and on life support following an attack on the singer in a nightclub in China.

The 28-year-old star was hit on the face with a glass bottle during a performance and sources aren’t certain he will live. Check out the great news in update here!


Raz-B’s rep had asked fans for prayers and it appears to have worked!

The singer has reportedly had a “miraculous” recovery after being on life support following the club attack in China.

Raz-B has come out of the coma on Sunday, reportedly in stable condition and breathing on his own. In fact, they said he is responsive and smiling.

He hasn’t been released from the hospital yet, but doctors feel it’s a miracle he survived. Great news!

Previous news:

The R&B star was performing at the venue in China when he stepped in to help break up a fight in the crowd.

During the scuffle, someone smashed a bottle on his face.

B2K singer Raz-B injury photos

Hours later he had minor surgery for the large cut he sustained on his lip.

“F**k this sh*t hurts,” Raz-B said at the time. “I have a f***ing hole in my lip. Thank God I made it to the hospital.”

But the next day, Raz-B didn’t wake up and a back-up dancer rushed him to hospital.

Doctors began running tests for brain activity, and he is listed as being in “serious” condition. Sources indicate that he is breathing through a ventilator and is lapsing in and out of consciousness.

His publicist, Toy Jones, has asked for prayers for the singer, stating, “He is in a coma and needs as many prayers as possible”.

This isn’t the first time the singer was seriously injured, which also happened in China.

Last year he fell through a sliding glass door, sustaining horrific injuries which included a slashed wrist.

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