Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree: Famous Celebrity Offspring


Apple doesn't fall far from the tree with celebs

We don’t normally expect too much when celebrity offspring follow in the footsteps of their famous parents in Hollywood.

But many of these celebrity kiddos actually outshine the star power of their celeb parents. Let’s check out these very successful gene pools.

Love her or hate her, Miley Cyrus has far surpassed her father Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky” career. The former “Hannah Montana” star ditched her Disney image and unleashed an edgy new look and music. Miley has proved herself to be a successful actress, singer, and now “twerker”.

Billy Ray Cyrus & Miley Cyrus

Kate Hudson apparently inherited her actress mother Goldie Hawn’s bubbly personality. Kate Hudson has become a sought-after actress, landing a Supporting Actress Oscar for her role in “Almost Famous”.

Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson

Enrique Iglesias has followed in his famous father Julio Iglesias’ musical footsteps. Julio’s hunky son has found fame with his own pop music career and landed the stunning tennis star Anna Kournikova!

Enrique Iglesias and Julio Iglesias

Most of you know Robin Thicke from his hit song with T.I. called “Blurred Lines”, but he has been snatching up Grammy Awards for years as a songwriter for Usher, Jennifer Hudson, and lil’ Wayne. Robin is the offspring of actor Alan Thicke, know as Mr. Seaver from “Growing Pains”.

Robin Thicke & dad Alan Thicke

Gwyneth Paltrow has made her way into being an A-list actress, which is no huge surprise because she’s the daughter of actress Blythe Danner of “Meet the Fockers” and the late producer Bruce Paltrow. Gwyneth, who is married to Coldplay singer Chris Martin, landed herself an Oscar for her role in “Shakespeare in Love” and has starred in the “Iron Man” films.

Gwyneth Paltrow and her mother Blythe Danner

John Aniston, who has starred in television for 50 years, and starred on “Days of Our Lives” since 1987, has been out-shined by his actress daughter, Jennifer Aniston. Aniston has raked in millions in mainly rom-coms films, making her one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses these days.

Jennifer Aniston & father John Aniston


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