Adrienne Bailon Throws Shade At Britney Spears (VIDEO)


Adrienne Bailon and Britney Spears

Adrienne Bailon slammed singer Britney Spears on the talk show “The Real”, where she is a co-host.

Bailon previously worked with Brit Brit and said she “can’t even hold a conversation”. Do you think Adrienne is just jealous of Britney’s career?

The co-hosts were discussing troubled former child stars when Bailon brought up Spears, calling her “the pop princess who had the ultimate meltdown.”

Adrienne Bailon, who is a former child star herself, said that she previously worked closely with Spears and said people tell Britney what to say but that she can’t talk on her own.

Adrienne stated, “I worked with her on X-Factor. Not gonna lie to you guys, I would sit to do my interviews with Demi [Lovato]. I did, like, the behind-the-scenes stuff. She can’t hold a conversation. They have someone who feeds her what she’s supposed to say. She can’t hold a conversation.”

Bailon’s comments seem a little cruel, but Britney has seemed a little off since her 2008 breakdown. She has worked hard to revive her career and has done really well.

Spears reportedly has “psychological issues” and suffers from a personality disorder.

Co-host Loni Love was even more harsh in her comments, saying Britney’s downfall was due to “Karma”.

Love said, “Miss Britney Spears took a dude that was already with a girl that had babies”, referencing Kevin Federline. She adds, “And sometimes when you do that kind of stuff and take a dude, that’s called karma.”

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