Singer Dolly Parton Had Surgery To Stave Off Cancer Threat!


Dolly Parton surgery

Dolly Parton has quietly undergone a secret surgery, but this time it’s not for cosmetic reasons!

The petite singer reportedly had an operation to insert an implant into her esophagus to help with her gastroesophageal reflux disease.

The country star had the five-hour surgery after suffering form the illness for many years. The already tiny star had recently lost 20 pounds.

A major risk factor of the disorder is the development of esophageal cancer, which is a particularly deadly form of the disease.

Doctors implanted a state-of-the-art medical device into the 67-year-old’s esophagus because she just couldn’t eat.

A source close to the star said, “Dolly knew something had to be done or she could die. Her weight was dropping dramatically, she was chugging antacid medication, and she couldn’t eat anything but soft, bland foods”.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease is not uncommon but its side effects can include heartburn, sore throats, and may affect swallowing.

Dolly was worried the disease could destroy her singing voice.

The singer checked into the luxury Ponte Vedra Inn & Club on May 30, where she remained in seclusion before undergoing surgery at the renowned Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.

Her personal physician flew in from Los Angeles to consult with surgeons prior to Dolly Parton’s surgery on June 4.

The American Cancer Societ the five-year survival rate for esophageal cancer ranges from 17 to 37 percent in the U.S. Robert Kardashian and “West Wing” star Ron Silver.

Dolly’s doctor’s made five small incisions in her abdomen then implanted a ring of tiny magnetic titanium beads around the junction of the stomach and the esophagus.

The device, called LINX, allows food to be swallowed as normal but blocks the flow of acid back into the food pipe.

The procedure is still very new, having only been approved by the FDA in March last year.

We send our well-wishes to the adorable singer!

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