Sexting Fails: Hilarious & Horribly Embarrassing Texts


Funny sexting photo

Most of us, at one time or another, have sent flirty texts to our love interest. Maybe even a naughty photo! But can you imagine sexting the wrong person? We’d want to crawl under a rock!

Let’s check out some of these totally embarrassing texts that include sexting fails, funny auto-corrections, and naughty texts sent to the wrong person.

We are betting many of our readers have sent a sexy nude photo to their significant other at one time or another. Many celebrities have done that only to have their nude pics leaked after their split. Yikes!

Let’s check out some hilarious sexting mistakes!

This guy didn’t get quite what he asked for, but hey a sammich is good too!


Will a sandwich do?

Oh man, wrong number! But love the response photo!



We are thankful this next photo is blurred.  A “thong” number!


Ooops naughty pic to wrong person


You just got “Anthony Weinered”


Anthony Weiner?


Always double check the number and contact list before sending a sext!


Another great response


This big booty woman is not one bit shy, until she sent the text to the wrong person1


Whoah! Her bad!


Uh-oh! Someone’s butt will be parked on the church pew come Sunday.


Sorry mama!


Men are such hopeless romantics!


Guy that knows romance

This auto-correction got this man excited!

Autocorrect fail


Wow! This teen is going to need some therapy!


Poor kids!


Another funny auto-correct gone bad:


Texting errors gone bad


Young woman fresh from a steamy shower, all sexy in her towel. We love that the “wrong person” mimicked her same outfit and pose. Priceless!


Great sense of humor!


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