Rocker Liam Gallagher To Divorce After Love Child Scandal?


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Singer Liam Gallagher’s pop star wife Nicole Appleton was completely blindsided when he called to tell her about allegations he fathered a love child with another woman.

Liam has now reportedly given up on his marriage to Nicole because he is “sick and tired” of the drama and doesn’t think his marriage is worth fighting for any more.

The former Oasis rocker is claiming the allegations of his affair and love child with journalist Liza Ghorbani aren’t true.

But insiders reveal Liam called Nicole weeks ago to let her know the love child allegations were about to surface.

A source said, “He said these things always happen to rock stars. He just said it was a legal problem and the lawyers would deal with it”.

The journalist, Liza Ghorbani, met with Gallagher when she interviewed him for The New York Times in May 2010.

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There was reportedly a DNA test done that proved married Liam, 40, is the dad of the six-month-old girl named Emma.

An insider reveals, “Liam admitted the child is his in an email, saying she is a beautiful child because she has rock star genes. Liza met Liam when she interviewed him and they began an affair.

“It continued until around three months after the birth of the child. He ended the relationship when she told him she was suing him for child support. Liza isn’t after millions of dollars, she is simply seeking child support and no amount has yet been set. If they don’t settle on a figure, the case will go to a public trial”.

Nicole Appleton’s mother Mary has now revealed Liam Gallagher called the former All Saints singer to warn her before the story came out.

Mary stated, “My daughter’s whole world has suddenly collapsed… It’s a horrible mess… The first we knew of this was when Liam called Nicky to tell her. It was the day before the first story ran. It’s so hard to come to terms with when there was no indication this could happen…

“I just don’t know whether these accusations are true or not. Nicky can only think that they are. I just feel so sad. As a family, I feel like we’ve just lost 13 years and someone we love. Liam is actually nothing like the wild boy he appears to be on stage.”

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