Kristen Stewart Confronts Pal Riley Keough Over Dating Her Ex!


Kristen Stewart vs Riley Keough

Kristen Stewart is none too pleased that her former friend and co-star, Riley Keough, is dating her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

Kristen Stewart was angry to find out that Riley Keough, started dating Robert and decided to call her up and confront her.

An insider said, “[Kristen] called Riley. She likes and respect her, but she just doesn’t feel like it is ever right to go after a good friend’s ex who is suddenly on the market.”

Stewart, 23, thinks the hookup is “really uncool” but thankfully they didn’t get into a nasty cat fight.

The source adds, “It was a civil conversation where the takeaway was that Riley was sorry that Kristen felt that way”.

Of course, feeling sorry for how someone feels isn’t exactly an apology.

Riley, 24, wants to be friends with Kristen but also wants to continue her romance with Robert.

A friend said, “Riley doesn’t want anyone to make her choose between Rob and Kristen.”

Rob and Riley, who previously starred with Kristen in “The Runaways” in 2010, have been dating since June.

An insider said, “Rob and Riley are having a really great time together, even though it’s very early. They get along brilliantly. There is an attraction to each other. They just get each other.”

Rob doesn’t want Kristen Stewart to think that he’s dating Riley out of spite.

The source adds, “They both know how it’s going to reflect back on Kristen, and they worry it looks like he’s just using her for revenge. He’s not. He took it slow with Kristen at first, too.”

Would you be hurt if your ex-boyfriend dated a mutual friend after your break-up?

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