Drama On “Couple’s Therapy” As Flavor Flav’s Fiance Liz Is Pregnant & Ill


Elizabeth Trujillo & Flavor Flav Couple's Therapy

“Couple’s Therapy” had some crazier than normal stuff going on when Flavor Flav’s fiance Elizabeth “Liz” Trujillo discovered she was pregnant and broke down in tears.

Liz was acting oddly and locked herself in the bedroom after 911 was called and EMT’s arrived on the scene. Did Liz overdose on pills?

Liz was feeling overwhelmed and was scared she’d have to raise the baby by herself.

The staff at the facility noticed Liz was acting odd, maybe even fainting at one time. Liz appeared to pass out while she was sitting up on her bed and her phone slipped out of her hand.

Dr. Jenn Bermann called for medical help, but Liz refused. Flavor Flav was getting very anxious as EMTs tried to convince her to go with them. One said, “You’ve got to go right now. This is getting ridiculous. You’re going, come on!”

Liz was being stubborn and said, “Everything’s good”.

Other castmembers on the show said that Liz appeared incoherent at times and had been falling asleep.

Dr. Jenn said of Liz’s situation, “I do think viewers are starting to get a clearer picture of why Liz is the way she is, from her severe childhood abuse, to her relationship with Flav, and now knowing she is pregnant and hormonal and dealing with the stress of their relationship conflicts, it’s just a lot. She was under a lot of stress.”

Flavor Flav and Liz have had a tumultuous relationship, with the rapper being arrested and charged with domestic violence last year.

There were reports back in April, when “Couple’s Therapy” was being filmed, that Liz had overdosed on pills.

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