Coco Austin Twerks Her Big Ol’ Booty (VIDEO)


Coco Austin talks about her big booty

Coco Austin, who is rapper Ice-T’s other half, is one curvy lady and isn’t shy about showing them off.

The 34-year-old appeared on “The Real” on Thursday where she showed the ladies how to twerk the booty.

The blonde beauty explained that she wasn’t always comfortable with her curvy body until she met her husband, Ice T.

Coco said, “Like I said, I was a tomboy and I started noticing I could get a lot out of people at a certain date. I was like, 18, (and thought) wait a second, I can work with these curves.

“But I really kind of hide my hips. I hated my hips. Now, I flaunt it. I was always flaunting my boobs. I loved my boobs. I bought them at 18. I loved them. I was taking away from the hip area. I was covering it up and it wasn’t till I got with my husband, Ice. He’s the one, I give him credit for me being me to this day because he’s the one who’s like, ‘You have something to work with, work it. It’s unique.”

Coco Austin also touched on rumors that she had butt implants, giving the ladies a feel of her au naturel derriere.

She said, “I was so taken aback because for the longest time I was trying to hide my butt so then they’re saying I had something but then I took it as a compliment because then I was thinking, if it looks that good”.

Coco then showed the ladies how to booty shake or twerk. Let’s just say they were impressed!

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