Beyonce’s Weave Gets Caught In Fan On Stage (VIDEOS)


Beyonce gets hair stuck in fan

Beyonce is known for putting on a killer show, but the singer had a hairy situation when her weave got caught in a fan during her show.

The professional star continued singing as people attempted to get her long locks loose.

Beyonce was on the Montreal leg of her Mrs Carter Show tour on Monday night when her long hair got caught in a fan during her song “Halo”.

The singer was caught off guard when she stepped a little too close and her hair became trapped. She looked shocked for a moment but continued performing as her team rushed to free her.

The confused security guards crowded around the singer, before one of them eventually managed to cut her loose.

Video of Beyonce's hair stuck in fan

Queen Bey kept a sense of humor about the incident, later posting a video of the incident and a handwritten note.

Beyonce re-wrote the lyrics to “Halo” to match the fan situation.

She wrote:

Beyonce posts note about fan incident

Beyonce is in the middle of the North American leg of her Mrs Carter Show world tour.

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