Actress Rose McGowan & Artist Davey Detail Engaged!


Rose McGowan & Davey Detail

“Once Upon a Time” and “Jawbreaker” star Rose McGowan is engaged to artist Davey Detail, a member of the artist collective Cyrcle.

Rose and Davey, a performance artist and DJ, started dating just a year ago.

Rose, 39, who starred in “Charmed”, was recently spotted with a large diamond ring on her wedding finger. Now her rep has confirmed the actresses’ engagement.

This is the third engagement for Rose McGowan. She was previously engaged to singer Marilyn Manson for two years before they split in 2001. She was also engaged to director Robert Rodriguez but they split in 2009.

You can see Rose McGowan in the spooky movie “The Tell-Tale Heart”, which comes out in October.

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