Wow! Justin Bieber Hooking Up With Married Woman?


Justin Bieber with married woman?

Jordan Ozuna, the attractive waitress Justin Bieber was spotted with last week, is still legally married.

Her mother-in-law said Jordan is still actually married to her son Daniel, who is away overseas serving with the Coast Guard.

Ozuna’s mother-in-law, Kim Ozuna, spoke to the media about her son Daniel and Jordan’s relationship.

Jordan, a waitress and aspiring model, married her high school sweetheart Daniel Ozuna. He is currently in the United States Coast Guard and probably has no clue his estranged wife is cozying up to Justin Bieber.

Kim said, “She’s still married. They’ve been separated a good year. They were very young when they got married … They’ll figure it out on their own. They’re probably in the process of getting divorced.”

Kim claimed Jordan was living in Las Vegas in the hopes of “getting into the modelling business”.

Last weekend, Justin Bieber and Jordan were spotted being very affectionate in the waiting room for indoor sky diving in Vegas.

A source said, “In the waiting room area, she was sitting on his lap and they were kissing. Little pecks and kisses. Right before the flight, in a second waiting room area, he laid down on her left side, and he had his head between her legs and had his cap half-covering his face. She was caressing him on the head and shoulders.”

Jordan Ozuna’s mother-in-law was asked what she thought about the relationship between Bieber and Jordan, stating, “I’m not surprised.”

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