Paris Jackson Suicide Attempt Due To Family Drama & Online Bullying!


Photo of scars on Paris Jackson's wrists

Paris Jackson is a gorgeous and bright young woman that has been through lots of trauma in her 15 years. Paris took 20 Motrin pills and sliced her wrist with a kitchen knife early Wednesday morning.

Jackson is currently hospitalized as reports of family drama and cruel bullying online have come to light, leading to the teenager’s depression.

Paris has been battling depression recently and has been photographed with visible cutting scars on her wrists.

The 15-year-old was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning after calling a suicide hotline. She is clearly making a cry for help and we hope her family will take this very seriously.

Paris Jackson’s mother Debbie Rowe, grandmother Katherine and aunt La Toya Jackson were all at her bedside at an LA hospital, where she is being held on a 5585 psychiatric hold.

The suicide attempt comes after suffering from depression for months.

An insider said, “Paris has been very, very depressed for a while. She’s been throwing fits and tantrums, kicking and screaming and cutting herself. She misses her father greatly. She was the center of Michael’s world and it’s all different now. She says that she is lonely and that she doesn’t feel loved.”

The source adds, “Paris is very unhappy and alone. She’s living in this place and there’s security and uncles and all these hangers-on. And she’s alone. That’s one of the reasons she reached out to Debbie Rowe – she wants a family, she’s missed her dad.”

Paris has spent time with Rowe recently, tweeting, “So glad I bonded with my mother. It’s like we have this really strong relationship and did I mention, I kind of look like her. It was so amazing to see my mother after all these years. Love her.”

Paris Jackson & Debbie Rowe

Paris’s brother Prince, who is 16, didn’t approve of his sister spending time with Debbie, causing a rift between the siblings.

People have warned Paris to be careful in her relationship with Debbie, with some fearing she may take advantage of the impressionable teenager. Paris wrote on her website, “I know that she wouldn’t use me cuz I’m her daughter.”

Paris was also said to be upset that she was unable to attend Marilyn Manson’s show and pulled a fit. Manson obviously caught wind of reports that Jackson wanted to attend his L.A. show and was told she couldn’t. He sent her this message, “I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want.”

He then dedicated his song “Disposable Teens” to Paris:

Paris Jackson has the stress of having to testify at the ongoing “wrongful death” lawsuit the Jacksons are bringing against concert promoters AEG. Michael was signed to perform a series of gigs which the family argues he was in no fit state to perform.

AEG claims to have “irrefutable” proof that Michael is not the biological father of Prince or Paris, which will likely devastate the children.

Paris Jackson has also been the victim of Twitter trolls, who have bullied her on Twitter.

She recently tweeted, “I wanna be a fishie” with a photo of herself under water.

One jerk tweeted, “Die…lesbian.”

On May 29, Paris had a little Twitter feud with another user, with the person saying, “”you’re such a bully. That’s why your dad is dead,” “ugly bi—” and “your dad touched little boys.”

The last horrible message was, “You ugly d— kill yourself.”

Paris Jackson bullied on Twitter

People sure are brave online huh? We despise spineless little Twitter trolls. How would they feel receiving such hateful messages?

Paris remains hospitalized. A source close to the family said she “is doing very well”.

Dr. Conrad Murray, who is accused over giving Michael Jackson too much medication and causing his death, reached out to Paris in a phone call to let her know he is thinking of her.

Murray said, “I don’t know what you’re going through, but I’m sure whatever it is it must be difficult. I always will be available to listen to you, answer your questions, or to share with you a plethora of beautiful and savored, untold stories of your father.”

We send out our thoughts and prayers for Paris!

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