Michael Jackson Paid $35 Million In Hush Money To Sexually Abused Boys


Michael Jackson abused at least 2 dozen boys

Michael Jackson’s files with the FBI show that the late “King of Pop” paid $35 million in order to keep at least 24 young boys he sexually abused quiet.

The singer reportedly groomed and molested children from at least 1989, even though he insisted he was just spending time with them.

The reports claim Michael Jackson was a pedophile who watched porn while assaulting a boy, molested a famous child star, fondled a child’s genitals in his private theater and groped another child whose mother wasn’t “bothered” by his actions.

Jackson family lawyers previously insisted the singer only paid off the family of Jordan Chandler, 13, who he allegedly abused in 1993.

But a detective hired by Anthony Pellicano, a celebrity detective hired to make the child sex abuse claims “go away”, stated that Jackson was a “serial child predator” who paid out tons of children he abused at his Neverland Ranch.

Pellicano was investigated in 2002 for bugging Hollywood celebrities and the FBI seized his files, including many about Jackson.

The files were allegedly not passed on to prosecutors in Jackson’s controversial 2005 molestation trial.

The detective said he decided to come forward after Jackson’s former child friend Wade Robson revealed he was abused by Jackson.

Robson, a dancer and choreographer, recently launched a major lawsuit against the Jackson estate claiming that he was regularly molested at Neverland in the 1990s. The secret files reportedly prove Robson’s claims.

Pellicano, who is currently in jail serving time for racketeering and wire-tapping, admits he was hired to investigate for Michael Jackson and make potential problems disappear.

The investigator said Jackson was obsessed with child porn and preyed on the sons of friends. Pellicano kept copies of FBI documents naming 17 boys, which includes five child actors and two dancers, that Jackson sexually abused.

At least three boys were paid to remain silent, with the family of a movie actor given about $596,300 not to talk to the media.

A maid at Neverland ranch was reportedly paid $2 million after accusing her boss of molesting her son, while another woman who knew her son was being assaulted “turned a blind eye to it because if it didn’t bother him, it didn’t bother her”.

The investigator said, “His [Jackson’s] actress friend Elizabeth Taylor encouraged him to hire Pellicano ­because she had used him to stop dirt on her drug problems being released in the media”.

Jackson was found not guilty of abusing a 13-year-old boy in 2005, but boxes of evidence he collected show that “Jackson was a serial child predator”.

The investigator said he didn’t come forward to upset Jackson’s children, but to finally make public that authorities have shocking information on the dead star that they never released.

Michael Jackson’s lawyer and friend Brian Oxman said he thought only Chandler had been paid off, but admitted the “gift list on Michael’s income tax returns was astounding”.

The Jackson family has been embroiled in scandal, after suing concert promoter AEG which have brought out skeletons in the family closet.

Sadly Michael’s children are the ones left to suffer for their late father’s behavior.

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