Match Made In Hell? Farrah Abraham & Charlie Sheen!


Farrah Abraham & Charlie Sheen to date?

Farrah Abraham is on the prowl and has her eye on warlock Charlie Sheen.

The porn star and former “Teen Mom” star recently got herself some D cup breast implants and is trying to meet up with the porn-loving actor.

Farrah Abraham has been texting the “Anger Management”, hoping to land herself a date and possibly a role on his show.

From the message it appears the 21-year-old reality-star-turned-porn actress met Sheen during a casting for “Anger Management” as she indicated if the show “ever ends up booking me, but idk (I don’t know) if that will happen.”

Text messages between Charlie and Farrah were just revealed, where they chatted about meeting up.

Farrah Abraham text to Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen responds:

Charlie Sheen to meet with Farrah?

Farrah makes her move:

Farrah makes her move

Charlie Sheen Farrah Abraham texts

Charlie and Farrah are allegedly still in contact and are trying to figure out a date to meet.

Farrah Abraham apparently took Nik Richie’s advice and had her C-cup saline breast implants removed and replaced with D-cups with silicone. She pretended to to care about Nik’s comments but apparently it pushed her to go bigger (and closer together).

Farrah Abraham got new boobs

Now photos of Farrah Abraham’s breast surgery have been released by In Touch.

The 22-year-old can be seen lying on her back in the operating room. Now that’s attractive!

Farrah after breast implants

Farrah Abraham showed off her before and after photos to In Touch magazine and we have to admit they do look much better.

Farrah Abraham D cup implants

Do you think Charlie and Farrah would make a good couple? She wants someone to take care of her and worship the ground she walks on…Charlie likes whores and calls them goddesses. Why the heck not? They may be a perfect match!

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