Judge Orders Investigation Into Paris Jackson’s Well-Being


Paris Jackson update

An investigation into Paris Jackson’s well-being is being launched by a judge overseeing the guardianship of Michael Jackson’s three children.

Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered an investigator to look into Paris Jackson’s health, education and welfare and recommend whether any changes needed to be made following her suicide attempt.

Emergency services were dispatched to the Jackson home after a report of a suspected overdose. Later reports show that Paris Jackson slit her wrists and had scars from previous cutting.

Katherine Jackson’s attorney, Perry Sanders Jr. stated on Friday, “There have been communications between the court and counsel and we’re completely supportive of the court’s actions”

He adds that the 15-year-old is physically fine and receiving appropriate medical treatment. He declined further comment on her health status Friday.

Judge Beckloff previously investigated the well-being of Michael Jackson’s three children, Prince, Paris and Blanket, last year after an incident when Katherine Jackson was out of communication with them for several days.

Katherine had been taken by some of her children to a resort in Arizona, prompting an agreement that led to another guardian being temporarily instated.

Tito Jackson’s son, TJ, was appointed co-guardian over the children.

“This is standard protocol in a high profile case,” his attorney Charles Shultz wrote in an email. “The court is doing what we fully expected the court to do.”

An attorney for Jackson’s estate said it would assist Katherine and TJ Jackson however necessary to help Paris Jackson.

“The estate will work with Paris’s guardians to provide whatever is required for her best interests,” estate attorney Howard Weitzman wrote in a statement. “We are totally and completely supportive of Paris as her well-being is our foremost concern.”

The earlier report to Beckloff was not made public, but he has stated that he believed Katherine Jackson was doing a good job of raising her son’s children.

Beckloff’s order requires an investigator to prepare a report that only he will be allowed to review.

An insider close to the Jackson family said of Paris’ incident, “This latest episode was scary for everyone. She’s basically kicking and screaming when the paramedics came, saying, ‘I want to live. I do. I just don’t want to live here. I wish my daddy was here.”

Another source said of Paris, “She cuts, yes, she cuts, OK. We are aware, and her problems and concerns are being addressed, but there was no meat cleaver, it was a regular… kitchen knife.”

Paris Jackson has now been moved from the facility she was originally at to the UCLA Medical Center where her father died. Paris was transferred there on Saturday night after her 72-hour psychiatric hold came to an end.

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