Father’s Day Edition Of Awkward Family Photos (VIDEO)


Dad teaching son the ropes

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

In celebration of all the fathers-to-be, current fathers, and those gone but not forgotten, we’ve compiled some funny photos for you to enjoy!

Father’s Day is a great excuse to post some truly awkward family photos. The Awkward Family Photos site proves that dads everywhere can ruin a perfectly sweet family photo. Enjoy!

Wake up dad!”

Time to wake up dad!

Daddy’s little helper”

Training his son well

Dad of little punk:

Punk rock dad

Creepy dad loves his girls:

This dad looks too happy

This father treated like a king:

Happy father's day to him

Creepy family photo:

Creepy family photo

Dad is having a blast:

Dads love to aggravate

Awkward patriotic family photo:

Patriotic family

The modern day father:

Modern day dad

We bet this kid hates the 4th of July:

Child forever hates sparklers

Baby plumber in training?:

Father keeping baby busy

This dad looks thrilled to have a new baby:

Thrilled new father

Look what this guy magically made appear with his magic wand:

Look what I did!

Father teaching the son his place:

Father putting son in his place

Here, pet the camel son:

Here son, pet the nice camel

Cool dad gives kids a ride. Bungee cord dad…really?:

Cool dad gives kids a ride

It could have been much worse!:

It could have been worse

Human Oscar the Grouch and son?:

Poor baby

Only mom loves family portraits:

Everyone hates family portraits except mom

This father really loves his dog:

Funny family photo

Glamour shot from hell:

Boys and their binkys

Pa and his little ladies:

Pa and his girls

Little boy not impressed with his orange dad’s muscles:

Boy not impressed with dad's physique

Funny family portrait. Bear hug:

Bear hug from dad

Now let’s check out the Father’s Day video put together from our friends at Awkward Family Photos:

Happy Father’s Day!


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