David Arquette Fell Off The Wagon?


David Arquette seen drinking whiskey

David Arquette has reportedly started drinking again after spending four weeks at the Betty Ford Clinic for alcoholism in 2011.

The “Scream 4” actor was spotted at a bar on Saturday night in Richmond, Virginia drinking Scotch and obviously inebriated.

Arquette was hanging out at Popkins Tavern in Richmond, Virginia and was “slurring his words”.

An R&B producer called Somnate revealed, “It was so random. He was literally the only dude sitting at the bar, by himself. I wouldn’t have recognized him if my friend hadn’t … He was so f***d up. He smelled like alcohol and he was slurring his words.”

An employee at the bar has confirmed Arquette was drinking Macallan 18 Scotch, a fine whiskey that sells for $165 per bottle.

Somnate also revealed the 41-year-old actor got chatting to him and his friends and bought them tequila shots.

He said, “David bought me and my two friends tequila shots as soon as we sat down. But he told us he didn’t take shots. He just kept ordering his drinks.”

David Arquette began chatting with locals he met the night before at the Club Rouge strip joint and they discussed him paying for one of the group who had been celebrating his 21st birthday to have a lap dance with several girls.

The actor then took the group he’d met at Popkins Tavern to the nearby Paper Moon strip club and paid for Somnate and his friends to get in.

Arquette, whose divorce to Courtney Cox was finalized in May, was chatting up girls and showered one stripper with over a hundred dollar bills.

Somnate revealed of the wild night, “There was this one girl who was dancing and she was really skinny, not as thick as the other girls … David disappeared for a couple minutes. All of a sudden, he comes out of nowhere and literally throws like more than a hundred ones at her. He made it rain!”

Somnate adds, “David was really nice. It did look kind of sad, but at the same time, he’s famous so he can just randomly grab people and have a hundred person squad to chill with!”

David Arquette previously claimed he had his first beer when he was just four years old after sneaking one from his father.

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