Celebrities That Look Gorgeous One Time, Ugly The Next!


Lindsay looking pretty and not so pretty

Most A-list stars manage to always look their very best, but there are some celebrities that can look gorgeous one moment and not so attractive the next.

Let’s take a look at celebs that seem to alternate between being hot…and not.

It’s interesting how a different camera angle can make a celebrity look great or rather strange.

Or sometimes it can be a change in make-up or hair color that can drastically change a celebrities looks for better…or sometimes for worse!

We’re going to check out a few celebrities that fluctuate between looking good and at other times bad.

Uma Thurman is statuesque and has a unique look. She can either look gorgeous or very odd.

Uma Thurman pretty and weird looking

“Mad Men” star January Jones is another actress that can be a knockout or look pretty homely.

January Jones homely and gorgeous

Jennifer Love Hewitt is another one of those ladies that can look drop dead gorgeous..or not.

Jennifer Love Hewitt pretty and odd looking

Actress Cameron Diaz can really look beautiful when she’s fixed up. Hair really makes a difference. Here she is looking gorgeous and not so gorgeous.

Cameron Diaz..hair makes a difference

Lindsay Lohan was such a fresh faced young star with an awesome career ahead of her. Years of bad decisions and drinking and drugs really has taken its toll on her looks. Sources also reveal too many fillers has changed her once youthful face.

Lindsay looking pretty and not so pretty

Actress and singer Miley Cyrus used to be such an attractive girl before she completely changed her look and went all rocker chic. This look may work for Pink, but Miley is trying too hard. Here she is looking gorgeous and then not.

Wow hair really makes a difference


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