Celebrities That Have Gotten Hotter With Age!


Kate Winslet better with age!

These celebrities have actually gotten better looking with a little age on them. Guess they are like a fine wine.

Check out these Hollywood stars that apparently grew into their looks, maturing into some major hotties!

Actress Jennifer Aniston wasn’t very sexy when she played Rachel on “Friends”, but has definitely gotten hotter over the years.

Jennifer Aniston better with age

Patrick Dempsey played the role of a dorky pizza delivery boy in “Loverboy”, way before he was known as McDreamy on “Grey’s Anatomy”. He’s way sexier these days!

Patrick Demsey grew into his looks

Zooey Deschanel is definitely a quirky type of girl, but she came into her own after sporting her signature bangs. Zooey can be seen on her hit show “New Girl”.

Zooey Deschanel before and after

Emma Watson grew up in front of the camera as she played Hermione on “Harry Potter”. Emma is definitely a stunner these days!

Emma Watson all grown up

Kelly Osbourne recently shared a dorky teen photo of herself on Twitter recently, making us realize just how much she’s changed. Kelly not only is more attractive, but is now eating healthier and looking good!

Kelly Osbourne not dorky anymore

“Titanic” star Kate Winslet was fairly plain when she was younger, but matured into a real looker!

Kate Winslet better with age!

George Clooney just keeps getting better and better looking. How is that possible?

George Clooney sexier now


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