Carjacker Messed With The Wrong Texas “Witch” (VIDEO)


Texas mom beats & runs over carjacker

A man attempted to carjack and rob a Texas mother, following her trip to CVS pharmacy in Baytown, Texas.

But the man wound up getting a beating and run over with a minivan by the tough Texas “witch”.

Dorothy Baker, a mom of six, went shopping at CVS with two of her children when a man that had been hiding in the back of her minivan brandished a knife demanding money.

Baker said, “I asked him how much he needed and he said $200. And I told him I didn’t have that kind of cash, I had about $20 in my account, and he said I better figure out a way to get it, or my kids were going to get hurt.”

As she drove her minivan, Ismael Martinez, 53, climbed into the front passenger seat. He noticed Baker had dialed 911 on her cell phone and the pair began to struggle.

Suspect Ishmael Martinez

Baker was able to wrestle the knife out of Martinez’s hand, but was slashed across the chest. She punched him in the face and told him to get out of her car.

He finally jumped from the minivan empty-handed and ran off. She suddenly realized he might do that to someone else.

Dorothy said, “He kind of zagged and I turned, intending to clip him in the side or something to get him to stop. And I ended up running completely over him.”

Ismael Martinez was taken to Memorial Hermann hospital via Life Flight, where he was listed in stable condition. He’s expected to face felony charges, adding to his previous rap sheet that includes rape and burglary convictions.

Texas woman runs off suspect

Police praised the mother for her actions. Lieutenant Eric Freed of the Baytown police department said, “She got into a struggle with the man while trying to protect her children. She actually overpowered him. At some point in time, he jumped from the vehicle and was run over by the vehicle.”

Dorothy Baker fought off attacker

The children were unhurt in the incident, and their father is thankful for his wife’s actions. Dorothy’s husband said, “She’s my hero. I’ll take her anywhere. I’ll take her anywhere twice on Sunday. She’s a tough one. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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